Notes from the photographer, Kari Geha: Through the Colorado outdoors and the sport of snowboarding, these two bonded and fell in love. A relaxed couple with a relaxed wedding. It was beyond stress free, but did not lack any beauty. These two eloped with a few friends and family to Steamboat Springs, CO. They rented a cabin in the mountains, where everyone that attended the wedding, also were housed. Her mother and grandmother made all of the food for everyone, and it was delicious, homemade. They put on a corn hole tournament for everyone up until 10 minutes to ceremony! Her mother even fashioned a flower crown right before she walked down the "aisle". Getting married on the steps of the cabin, their backdrop was beyond stunning. After exchanging vows, we had a photo adventure, complete with smoke bombs and bottle rockets (and a fire extinguisher group nearby!). The rest of the night consisted of sitting around the fire and watching deer, and having drinks with friends and family. It was a beautiful DIY elopement!
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Photographer: Kari Geha Photography

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