While your wedding is about you and your partner, you do want your guests to have a good time. After all, you want them to remember your special day and how it stood out from other weddings. Therefore, you need to make sure it�s a day to remember. And this can start from before the wedding. In fact, here are some ways you can create a buzz before your wedding.
Send a save the date a year before
When you are planning your big day, you need to ensure you set a date quickly. After all, a lot of the top venues get booked up a year in advance. And the sooner you set a date, the quicker you can start inviting guests. After all, you want to give them as much notice as possible, so they don�t make other plans. And one way of doing this is by sending a save the date to your guests. A lot of people do this around 12 months before the big day so that it allows guests to keep the day free. And you can cause a stir with these cards. Go for unique options which will amaze your guests. For example, you could create a label which goes around a bottle of wine which you can send out to your guests. Or you could even create a magnet or a placemat which will go on display in the guest�s house.  
Send out fantastic invites six months before

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Once you have sorted out the venue and food, it might be time to send out the invites. After all, it can be hard to work out how much it all will cost without a good idea of who will be coming to the wedding. And sending these out about six months before the big day will give your guests plenty of time to book it off. Invites are also an excellent way to create a buzz about your wedding. After all, you can use some free invitation templates to create unique invites which tease your wedding day. In fact, you can add your theme to the invites to give people an insight into your big day. And for something different, you could always opt for video invites instead. In fact, it would be something memorable that your guests will show their friends!
Create an app or website for your wedding
A lot of couples are creating an app or website which is all about their wedding. It allows them to keep in regular contact with their guests about their big day. And it�s ideal to put up useful information such as local hotels and transport options to ensure the day runs smoothly for guests. It�s also a good way to build up excitement about your big day as you can update your guests when you book particular things. And you can even give them teasers of food they might be eating and even songs which will be playing on the big day. It also provides a great place for people to upload photos after the wedding. After all, it�s nice to have all the photos from your big day in one place! And doing all of the above will ensure your guests are ready and excited for your big day!    

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