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Engagement rings can often carry as much sentimental value as the wedding ring itself. It�s a constant reminder of the moment you and your partner realized you loved each other and were ready to get married. Not to mention they�re often the flashier of the two rings and are ideal to show off to everyone! We�ve all got ideas surrounding engagement rings and what makes one great or not. For me, a few select things determine if your ring is truly special:
Personal Engraving
I think that a really special engagement ring can clearly separate itself from any other ring you have. Personal engraving is a great way to do this. By having a personal message engraved on the ring in some way it adds to the sentimental value. There are loads of great little messages that can be put inside a ring. Many people go down the route of engraving the actual date of their proposal in the ring. Or, they engrave the date when they first met. Others decide to engrave both names in the ring, while a great idea is engraving a quote. If the two of you have a little quote or saying you often repeat, this is a great place to put it.
Ethical Jewelry
This is a real big one for me as I believe all jewelry is better when it�s ethically sourced. If you look at companies like Brilliant Earth, you�ll see they make a point of saying their rings have ethical origins. When a company says this they mean that all the raw materials and diamonds used to create the ring were sourced ethically. They didn�t steal them from poor villages or use child labor to mine the diamonds. Everything is done by the law, and it just makes the ring so much more special when you know this. There�s no slight feeling of guilt, and you almost feel extra proud to wear it and boast to everyone about it.
I don�t know how to title this point as it makes more sense when it�s explained. Basically, the idea with thoughtfulness is that your partner put a lot of thought into the engagement ring they bought. Perhaps they�ve been saving messages from you for months or years when you�ve dropped hints about what ring you want. Or, they�ve been through your entire jewelry collection to study your tastes and buy a ring they know you�ll love as it fits a similar style. For example, they know you love rose gold jewelry, and you�ve been hinting that you�d love a rose gold engagement ring since the moment you met, so, they buy you one. The point is, they will describe their thought process, and it will show that they�ve really done a lot of research and been planning things for ages. That makes it extra special to me. If you�re dreaming of becoming a bride and getting engaged, then I hope your partner provides a very special ring. Or, if you�ve stumbled on this article because you�re thinking about proposing to your love, make sure you get a ring that ticks all three of these boxes to make it extra special.  

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