Vintage Vibes Elopement in Colorado

Estes Park Elopement

October 7, 2022

Laura Steele/Couture Colorado

Q & A with the bride and groom: 

How did you meet?

Jessie and I met in 2016 outside of a shopping plaza while playing Pokémon Go. We were both searching for the same Pokémon, but ended up finding each other instead.

Why did you choose to elope?

We chose to elope because we always enjoyed the intimacy of our own company, we wanted to be in full control of the ceremony and make it an adventure.

Any advice to couples looking to elope?

If you are planning to elope just make sure you research the geographic location of where you’re getting married at. Especially if you have never been there. The weather can change everything in a heartbeat. Make sure you have back up locations!


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