Josie V Photography


Josie V Photography is where the mystical meets the genuine. Down to earth and soulful couples have a home here. Together we will create tangible memories from intangible moments. I specialize in giving each wedding an artistic flair that matches your unique personalities.

I believe that a wedding photographer should be a balancing and calming presence on your day, striving to make your photos feel effortless. My vision is that we will create together as friends and that our photography will feel natural and seamlessly integrated into the flow of the day. I pride myself on being able to balance the swirl of energy that envelops a wedding day, moving from styled group photos to intimate portraits. Throughout the wedding process, I know you will be entrenched in details and I am here to help you in any way that I can. From planning timelines and lighting to handling eccentric family members I am here to help! It is an honor to craft the memories of your day for generations to come!

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Josie, an artist, and photographer based out of Denver. A North Carolina native, I moved to Colorado after school to chase the ski bum life. After a few years, I moved to Denver to pursue photography. I love living in such a stunning place with so much to offer. From the front range to the Utah desert I love to explore these beautiful places with adventurous couples. From vast mountain landscapes to intricate city spaces I enjoy the challenge of working in any space. I believe that mother nature is the ultimate artist and I try to honor her beauty and colors through my work.

As a member of the LGBTQ community myself, I am committed to creating a safe and magical space for everyone. I want you and your love to feel seen, heard, and honored on your wedding day. I understand how precious the right to marry is, and I will never diminish the sacredness of a wedding day. Whether you have an intimate elopement or grandiose wedding I'll be there to memorialize your love.